The text is provided by each language Commissioner. When the text is not available, the English version will appear as the working language of the Association.

International Annual Conference, Wales (16–17 May 2017)

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HILARYUAMI KATIMAYIIT UQAUHINUT KAMISINAT ikayuqtiuyut uqauhiit kamisinat havaanginnut hilaryuami atuquiblutik nakuutqiyauyunik ihuarutit ayuinninginnut hivumuuqtitilutik uqauhiinik aadjkkinikkut piyaulutik aallatqininganullu.

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The IALC seeks to build links with international researchers in order to advance understanding of multilingual language policies and the role of ombudsmen in promoting and protecting language rights. If you are interested in research collaboration, participation in webinars, announcing a language conference or disseminating research, please write to us at